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How to get an A in dieting

I’ve never excelled in academics.

My high school report card is living proof that I always got a C in most of my subjects.

It continued some more when I got into university. Our grading system was a lot more different but I always settled for the passing mark… which back then was a C.

After 3 or so years in university, I suddenly got tired of it. I suddenly hated my life.

So I said to myself…

I want a B-.

Just kidding! Of course I want an A! But it has to start somewhere, right?

Have you ever met someone who’s dead on on their diet? 100%? I think that’s insane. Even bodybuilders can’t go a hundred percent. That’s why they have cheat days to give them “psychological” relief from dieting. It’s too overwhelming! So I’ve devised a way on how to look at it. Just to be able to give everyone here a different perspective so they can finally start that impending diet plan.

Just think of your diet as a percentage based grading scale. Yep. Just like the one you had in school. Look below.

Letter Grade Equivalence



92% – 100%


87% – 91%


83% – 86%


79% – 82%


75% – 78%


70% – 74%


below 70%

Some questions you have to ask yourself before you start: How many times do you eat in a day? Is it 3? 6? For the purpose of discussion, let’s keep it at 6.

So if you’re having 6 meals a day, multiplied by 7 days… that’s 42 meals a week.

Out of your 42 meals, you think you can reduce the serving portion for 2 meals a day? Say instead of having 2 cups of rice, make it one cup.

14 meals with less rice. That leaves you with 28 “normal” meals.

Tweaking 14 out of 42 meals is 33% of your whole week! Not too bad, right? But it’s still not a passing mark.

You need to at least make it D or C-.

Just a little more effort.

So I advise you now to write down how many meals you have in one week. Is it 21 meals (3x/day) or 28 (4x/day)? Does it fluctuate? By looking at it, try to find which meals you can adjust the serving portion or add more protein to.

Do it on a weekly basis and assess yourself at the end of the month. I’m sure it’s gonna help you be on track. The better grade you get, it’s gonna translate into results.

Don’t try to cheat by justifying that you’ve always been an A student so you should rate an A in dieting. The more honest you are in assessing your diet, the more success you can achieve. This can also help tweak the kinds of food you have regularly.

So, what’s your grade? Don’t be ashamed. I’m not perfect either. But I try to be in the B range at least. I am no bodybuilder and fitness model but I would like to set a good example because I do this for a living.

Were you an A student? Doesn’t count anymore because school’s over. Ready to hurdle your diet exam? I got a B+ this week!

Don’t feel bad. If it’s any consolation, I’ve always been a C student.

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