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Increase Your Bench Press

I guess everyone who has been reading my posts are wondering if I will ever give out training secrets. Well, today’s your lucky day. I bet most of you, especially the guys would like to know how to increase their bench. After all, today is Monday which is International Bench Press day for most.

You enter the gym… place your bag in the locker… come out onto the gym floor… say hi to your buddies…. do some arm circles… then almost by instinct… plop on the bench press and do the bar pressing warm-up. Am I correct?

Actually, you’re doing the right thing. Except that by now you know that the principle of specificity doesn’t really provide you real gains if you’ve been lifting for quite a while. So why don’t we do a workaround? Instead of training your chest to increase your bench press, why don’t you train your rotator cuff muscles?

Why the rotator cuff muscles you ask. Well, the rotator cuff muscles are responsible for bracing your shoulders during pressing movements. Your supraspinatus, infraspinatus, teres minor and supscapularis all come into play when you’re lying on the bench and ready to press the bar. These are your synergist muscles and they support your agonist muscles (Chest and Triceps) during the bench press exercise. Imagine these muscles the base from where 40% of your power is coming from. Don’t you want to use that up as opposed to just 60% of your real strength? So here’s a sample rotator cuff exercise that you can include in your routine. Your bench press numbers won’t instantly go up mind you. But give it 4-6 weeks and you will be reaping the benefits of this exercise.

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