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Strength Training Starter Programs

Ever since I became a personal trainer, friends have been asking me to make them a program. If not friends, acquaintances. Like in a party, once I got get introduced and the host tells them about my background, people would approach me and ask me a dozen questions about either training or general fitness.

Then they ask me for a program.

Here’s the thing. I don’t want to be associated with gym enthusiasts who think they can just give out programs to friends like they’re authorities of fitness. I’m talking about people who are just crazy about working out or has some sort of success story because they lost 20 lbs. or something. Well, I don’t really blame them. But I’ve seen so many cases of people who have busted shoulders, bad knees and whacked backs because of a program that was handed out to them. But that’s life. You learn from your mistakes, right?

So, today I am handing out a program.

Just kidding.

Actually, I wanna recommend a couple of starter programs that are famous because of the people who authored them. Rather than risk injury by following a program done by a friend who has no coaching experience or certification, I’d rather provide a reputable program constructed by legends of the fitness world.

I’m talking about Bill Starr’s 5×5 and Mark Rippetoe’s Starting Strength Program. Bill Starr is probably one of the best strength coaches who has ever lived. His 5×5 program is known around the world to produce amazing results. Especially, if one’s starting right.

Mark Rippetoe, on the other hand, used to be a competitive powerlifter and was coached by Bill Starr himself. His starting strength program is almost similar to the 5×5 except for a technical lift like the power clean.


  • you have a back, shoulder or knee injury;
  • you have a heart problem;
  • you have a bone deformation (e.g. Scoliosis, Spondylothesis, etc.); or
  • you hate reading and miss all the important points.

These programs are very easy to understand because it utilizes compound movements that involve more joints and burn more calories. This can also be made more successful with a sound diet and proper recovery. Again, this is a basic program. It may be too basic for some of you who have tried more complex once with fancy moves, but these programs have produced results for thousands of individuals.

So, give it a shot. No matter how advanced you are, these movements may shock your body into new growth. You may be a success story waiting to happen. Who knows?

You might actually be asked to hand out a program.

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