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Floor Circuits 3

Here’s another circuit to cap off the month of August. Unlike the last 2 circuits I’ve uploaded, this one has a pull-up component that will definitely require a little bit more upper body strength. Ladies if you want to follow this circuit, replace the pull-ups with an inverse row ( Will post a video soon!) and the elevated push-ups with standard push-ups. Happy lifting!

7 thoughts on “Floor Circuits 3”

  1. Since this is a full body routine, it could work as a stand-alone circuit. You could do 5 sets of these and just go for longer breaks if it gets really tiring. You can also combine this one with either of the previous circuits I posted or make your own progression by adding dumbbells to the prisoner squats and lunges.

  2. Excellent circuit bro! my rest periods in between the 5 sets that i did were 2, 3, 4 and 5 mins respectively. Acceptable? But i honestly think i couldn’t do any better. This really knocked the wind out of me. I started to have side stitches after the 4th set and i felt slightly dizzy after i finished everything. But i had fun doing this circuit.

  3. Good! Expect that you’ll be winded when doing a circuit this difficult. But naturally your body will adapt. Monitor your progress by keeping a training journal. This habit will eventually carry on to having a food journal as well. Once you’ve started this, I see no reason why shouldn’t look better by the end of the year!

  4. Bro, ive been doing this twice and one resistance per week for three weeks already. Although its still very exhausting, it is not as tiring as it used to 3 weeks ago. But im getting a bit bored. kinda missing the resistance exercises.

    Im thinking of reverting to a 2-resistance and 1-circuit weekly regimen instead. But before i do that, i want to know the difference between circuits and resistance. what do they promote and enhance? How can i mix things up and when should i change? should i adjust my protein intake? I’m reluctant in changing things just because im bored without fully understanding the effects it would entail.

  5. They’re the same except that circuits provide a higher rate of burning fat because it raises your heart rate and pushes your body to the point of aerobic conditioning. You can mix things up by doing 2 days of strength building ( Straight sets, just like before) and a 1 day of circuits ( Too build your endurance and relative strength). Protein intake should be based on your body weight so try to maintain it. I’m going to be posting a new set of exercises soon. Try them out and integrate them in your routine.

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