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Ever heard of a Dynamic Warm-up?

I discovered Dynamic Warm-ups in 2004 when I picked up the book Core Performance by Mark Verstegen. Through this book I was able to learn that dynamic warm-ups are much more appropriate than stretching before training. As opposed to static stretching that most people do, a dynamic warm-up not only elevates your core body temperature but it also prepares your body for certain movements. For example, instead of lying on the floor and doing 2 sets of hurdler stretches to lengthen your hamstrings for leg curls why don’t you try the inch worm?  The inch worm is an exercise where from a standing position you bend over at the hip, walk yourself out with your hands into a plank and try to inch your way back in without bending at the knee. Can’t picture it? Well, I have attached a dynamic warm-up summary to guide you.

Edwin and Jason. Have you included this in your workouts?

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