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PULL it to the limit

Yeah you got it right. That’s what I said. Pull it to the limit. I think there’s too much pushing going on in the weight room. The reason being is because a lot of people still like training their vanity muscles like the chest and shoulders. Its not unusual to see guys hitting their chest with 4 different pressing exercises and then on to doing almost the same number of exercises for their shoulders and only 1 pulling exercise to train their back. I attribute this to the pressure of looking better in front…which is really not a problem. But c’mon, just one exercise for the back?

Our back muscles are just as important as our chest muscles. Actually , it may even be more important to train our back muscles because they dictate our posture and serve as the base from where all our pushing movements stem from. Have you seen guys with really nice looking chest muscles but rounded shoulders? Ugly right? That’s because they do too many chest exercises it keep their chest muscles in a shortened state it eventually pulls their shoulders forward.  But beginners usually start this way as they want to look good first and worry about the science after. But, in the end , science will always win so lets not play catch-up by starting to learn some really basic back exercises.

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