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It’s never too late to increase your jumping ability

Yeah I said it. It’s never too late to increase your jumping ability. All you gotta do is to train yourself to jump higher. How ? Let me count the ways.

1) Train with Weights – Incorporating strength training as part of your lower body routine will not just help build muscle and burn fat, it will also develop strength and power . If you find yourself being able to back squat your own body weight, chances are you can jump higher than what you remember.

2) Incorporate Plyometrics in your Routine – Plyometrics refer to exercises that enable muscles to reach maximal force in the shortest possible time. If you don’t think you have the potential to jump higher because you’re old, you’re wrong. You can train your body to react faster. Just gotta use the proper exercises for it.

3) Include Dynamic Stretching – Dynamic stretching is a more functional way of preparing your body for activity. Recent research have shown that static stretching can lead to decreased force production…which translates into a lower jumping ability. Dynamic stretching is the wave of the future.

These are just guidelines on how you can increase your jumping ability. Like anything else, a solid training plan and discipline will definitely get you the results you want. But first , you gotta get it our of your head that you’re too old to jump higher.


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