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Tip #7:Train your rotator cuff muscles

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Your rotator cuff muscles are the foundation of your shoulders. These small muscles are classified as your synergists or stabilizers that come into play whenever your work any major upper body muscle group. So it goes without saying that these are just as important when constructing a training program. Simply put, if you want to get stronger in the bench press, do rotator cuff work. If you want to be able to perform a chin-up, do rotator cuff work as well. They may not be able to give you the kind of satisfaction or muscle pump you need, but long term they will definitely guarantee you healthy shoulders.

1 thought on “Tip #7:Train your rotator cuff muscles”

  1. I’ve been having problems with my right shoulder. I think it’s the rotator cuff. although i wouldnt say it’s painful, but it’s certainly uncomfortable if i move it around especially if i do bench or shoulder press. When i rotate it it feels like it’s grinding on something with a slight physical discomfort bordering slight pain. it was a slight pain last week but now it feels better but the slight discomfort is still there when i move it around.

    I plan to do the cuban rotation to strengthen it. But for now what should i do? should i still rest it? should i lay off on shoulder exercises and bench presses?

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