Tip #8: Consider Supplementation

Supplements have been around for ages. With their sheer size it gives the consumer the impression that it can make you big. On the other hand, supplements are really nothing but providers of what we lack. You think you need calcium? Take calcium supplements. Need to burn more fat? Take fat burners. But really, the only thing I would really recommend is the intake of protein supplements as I believe we always lack this compound on a daily basis. Our muscles are made of protein that breakdown whenever we exercise. So naturally, our body will want some protein to repair itself. This is where we either eat a full meal with a lot of  protein after a workout or ingest a protein supplement drink immediately after training. Pros of having a protein supplement after training is its liquid form which is easily absorbed by the body and its convenience. Cons of a protein supplement would be the taste as it doesn’t appeal to everyone. Pros of having a full meal after a workout is its satiety and variety. Cons is the amount of fat and carbs that may come with it. Bottom line is to fill your protein requirement for the day as this determines the amount of fat burning ability you have.

2 Thoughts

  1. I’ve consistently been taking these shakes for 5 mos already and there’s really a big difference. My muscles seem to recover faster. they don’t feel fatigued at all when i go back to the gym 48hrs later.

    However, are there long term side effects for taking shakes, specifically whey protein shakes? there are a lot of articles saying that certain supplements do, like damage to the liver and so on. i don’t know if there’s much truth in it but nutrition is not my field.

  2. Protein shakes are basically just protein. You can never have too much protein as the excess usually gets turned into fat. With the way you’re working out, I even think you’re consuming less on a daily basis.

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