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Having Muscle Imbalances Suck

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We all have a dominant side. I for one am right handed. But since I love playing basketball and wanted to get better, I worked hard at training my left arm to handle the basketball as well. I believe this should be the mind-set when it comes to strength training. If you look around the gym , you’ll notice people having their own favorites. For the guys its the chest press and for the women …its the inner and outer thigh machine.

To tell you honestly, having favorites only create muscle imbalances. This is not good because muscle imbalances cause our body to compensate in its own way and is detrimental to proper muscle growth. What’s even worse is that it could lead to back problems, knee problems and shoulder problems. Remember, training should be individualized because we are all unique. When was the last time you evaluated your program or have someone evaluate your program? Maybe its high time for you to do some more research or consult an expert in this field to come up with a program most appropriate for you.

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