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10 reasons you’re not making progress at the gym

Next year is my 10th year as a personal trainer. I started as a personal trainer way back in 2002 at Fitness First where I initially applied as a motivator. You know what a motivator is? Not exactly someone who sits beside you and screams at you to go for one more rep but just a fancy name for a guy who picks up weights and puts them back in place.

Well, let’s just say I got lucky and the Fitness Manager hired me as one of his trainers. A few other training jobs followed after that and the rest they say is… history.

Over the course of those years, I’ve experimented with a ton of programs and been successful at helping others as well. Well, not all are lucky enough or patient enough to reap the results and so today, I’ve decided to list a few things that deter people from reaching their fitness goals.

1) You’re not following a training plan – Isn’t life all about beginning and ending? If you’ve seen the Lion King you know that the circle of life is. Same thing with training. You start out and you end. If you start overweight, you don’t want to end overweight. Nuff said.

2) You procrastinate..a lot – I know I know the gym’s not going anywhere. But how about you? Don’t you want to fit in your wedding dress? Or look good at the beach? Stop delaying. You wear Nike products right? JUST DO IT.

3) You don’t eat after training – You’re trying to lose weight so you figure after doing an hour of cardio and burning 1,000 kcal, you’re not going to eat. After all, you’re trying to lose weight right? Why eat? Makes sense right? Well, you’re wrong. During a bout of exercise your body actually gets damaged so the correct way of addressing this is by eating. Starving your body will never work as it will find ways to survive. How? By storing more fat!

4) You don’t increase the weight you lift – If you’re reading this, chances are you probably are educated. You start at nursery and then finish University after X number of years. That means you followed a steady progression from basic to complex. Same thing with training. More reps don’t mean more burnt fat. It only means the same addition/subtraction, ABC, nursery rhymes and nap time. Don’t get stuck with lifting the same weight and expecting results. Nursery’s done. You’re an adult and its time to move the weight up.

5) You don’t plan out your meals – Do you know that restaurants recycle their cooking oil when preparing food? Why? They wanna keep costs low, prolong the life cycle of their business and make a profit. They don’t give a damn if what they’re serving is healthy or not. Do you recycle cooking oil? I bet you don’t. So take charge, prepare and plan your meals ahead. That way you’re assured that only the best ingredients to your food.

6) You doing too much cardio – I’m a big fan of cardio..only if done in moderate amounts. As we get older our metabolism slows down and that’s due to loss of muscle. Too much cardio eats up muscle and is counterproductive to what you probably want ( Look sexy right?). So hit the weight room more than you should and start building muscle!

7) You don’t have enough social support – Getting fitter or losing weight is more fun with friends. Be it playing a team sport like basketball or joining a running group will not only foster camaraderie but can promote healthy competition as well. Who knows? You can also meet your soulmate in your badminton group. Bwahahahaha.

8) You socialize too much – The gym is a great place to meet people. But always keep in mind the whole reason you’re there. That is to train right? So train. Stop yapping and get on with it.

9) You don’t read – Nothing beats education in helping people get to their fitness goals. Going overboard by jumping on the latest fad in fitness is still better than just sitting on your couch and scratching your b*lls. The more informed you are, the more armed you are in your battle against fat. You know your body more than anybody else so better be informed.

10) You’re lazy – Nothing beats the evil that is called LAZINESS. This has no cure. I don’t know what kind of life event can get you out of this malady but the doctor that has the cure for this disease hasn’t been born yet. If you think you have this condition, I don’t know. Try to seek out the Dalai Lama or Deepak Chopra to help you get out of this rut.

My take away message is this. If you want to make progress, take charge. Nobody else can bring you to the promised land but yourself.

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