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Getting Ready for Summer

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Its 5 months to summer and you’re probably asking yourself…Will I ever be able to wear that swimsuit with confidence? Will I able to walk the stretch of sun and sand without being conscious of whether my gut is jutting out? Well, if you’re being completely honest with yourself and your answer is NO, then I guess its high time you should do something about your training routine, your eating habits or both. To get you back on track as early as now, here are my tips to get you ready for that beach body you’ve been dying to have.

1) Remember the Number 12 – Yes 12 is the magic number. You should be getting at least 12 workouts a month. That’s only 12 hours at the gym. The clock starts as soon as you step inside the gym. 1 hour is enough to change into your gym clothes, warm-up , flirt with your crush, lift weights, sprint on the bike , stretch and check-out.

2) Consult a Professional Fitness Trainer – I used the word professional because there are a lot of shady trainers out there who not only lack experience, but they also bully you into listening to their stupid advice. Seek someone who can provide you a thorough assessment that will not only show you a proper routine but would also help iron-out your muscle imbalances. Muscle imbalances are not to be taken lightly because certain movements will cause your body to compensate thus leading to serious injury. Injuries will set you back weeks..or even worse months and put you farther away from your goal.

3) Cut down your workout time – I know I mentioned earlier that you should be spending at least an hour at the gym. But when you’re at the gym,  try optimizing your time by following a plan. Supersets, Tri-sets, Complexes…these are workout formats that are not only efficient , but excellent calorie burners as well. Out with the old, in with the new. That split program you’ve been following for years may not be working for you after all. Not only that, its also eating into your already busy schedule.

4) Plyometrics – Plyometrics is a form training that involves a lot of jumping and quick changes of direction. With proper guidance, plyometric training is fun and excellent for calorie burning. However, one has to have a very solid strength training background before starting a plyometric program. Its still best to consult a professional trainer for proper guidelines to start one.

5) Do Sports – Of course I wouldn’t leave sport out of the picture. Be it soccer, basketball, running, badminton, rowing etc..nothing beats the calorie burn of sports. The camaraderie and social component of sport also makes fat-loss more fun and dynamic!

6) Change Your Eating Habits – I’m pretty sure this is what everyone dreads. Face it folks, food is fuel. Very much like the kind of fuel you put into your car. You use Unleaded Fuel for your car to make it run properly right? Think of the same analogy for your body. If you want to perform , feel better about yourself and look sexy, change your eating habits. Try cutting down on sweets or salty food and your body will respond like crazy. Good crazy that is.

They say it takes 30 days for a  new behavior to become habit. You get to accomplish that within the next few weeks, I swear its going to be a great year ahead for you.

Have a great week everyone.

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