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Animal Flow comes to Toronto

Equinox has a really cool video of a guy moving through the woods doing different kinds of athletic movements. At first glance you’d think its capoeira mixed in with some parkour. With a closer look though, you’ll realize its a confluence of so many other disciplines as well.

The guy in the video is Mike Fitch. He’s a former Equinox coach himself and he developed a very unique training style that utilizes one’s body weight to develop mobility, strength, flexibility and overall conditioning. This weekend, Mike dropped by Equinox Toronto to share his knowledge on Animal Flow so that the coaches can add another tool to their toolbox.

What I liked about Mike’s training system is that it makes “sense”. Meaning, for a coach who’s responsibility is to construct training programs that address muscular imbalances and asymmetries, his can be a creative add-on that provides a unique twist to one’s training program. He also does a great job in consistently naming his various movements with its animal equivalents. How would you visualize a “Scorpion reach”? How about a “Moving beast”? Chances are, how think its done is how it is…with proper movement mechanics.

Mike created a strong brand that is now synonymous with quality instruction and detail. I for one had a great experience playing around with the movements and going ” Oh yes that actually feels right for my shoulder”, because it respects a myriad of movement principles. If Mike swings by your region, better make sure to sign-up. Remember, this guy’s as quick as a cheetah. 


Here’s Mike showing us a “flow” which is a combination of different movements.


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